Thursday, 10 May 2012


I was invited to be a guest presenter on Ben TV SKY 184 on Saturday 5th May. Did not want to wear anything from my wardrobe so here is what I made a dress from some kente wax print.
I am currently in love with the kaleidoscope of electric colours found on the amazing kente print and already have a few outfits made from it.

The dress features a cutout neckline made from bright yellow lycra fabric. It is inspired by something I saw from designers, LOUD. 
I paired it with navy blue shoes and a statement ring.
This dress will definitely get a few wears from me !


  1. Hi Hun,

    I would definitely like to order that design in a size 10/12 and also retail it on

    Love it, love it

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in buying this dress. Please is it for sale and how much is it?.

    Please contact me at Thank you so much

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