Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ruvimbo Chinzou


A: Who is Ruvimbo Chinzou?
R: I am 19years old native of Zimbabwe but I live in London. I am fun, sociable and a loving person.

A. What does Miss Black Africa (MBA) mean to you?
R: This means supporting others, influencing youth in a positive way through volunteering programs and community activities in the UK and Africa.
A: So tell me, what was the price for MBA?

R: Well, I get VIP access to top events in the community, involved in community projects and of course, a dress by Asakeoge which I’m really excited about.

A: What were your expectations of the contest?
R: I was eager, interested but nervous and scared. I was in a competition before (Miss Teen UK 2009) so I had a bit of experience on what the process is like. My main motivation is my passion to be a role model, influence youth and be a motivational speaker.

A: What are people’s perceptions of your title?

R: I don’t think people understand what it means to be MBA. When I tell people about MBA they just look at me in dismay. Its more than “just another beauty contest, wearing a tiara and a dress. Being a beauty queen is about developing communities and influencing people in a positive way. It is “beauty with a purpose”.

A: What are your responsibilities as MBA?

R:  MBA is an opportunity to help the less privileged. I have always had the desire to help others but never had the platform. This title gives me the  opportunity to make a positive impact in our community. I believe fulfilment in life is at the same direct proportion to your contribution. So you can be successful but not fulfilled until you have contributed to something more bigger than yourself. It is something I have never done before. I’m working with a charity called “Impact Youth”. Our goal is to raise money for young people in UK and Africa. One of these projects is currently launched in Ghana called “Impact Africa”.  I am also fundraising for a charity in London to help raise funds for developing communities.

A: You've highlighted your work with some charities, anything else?

R: I am looking to launch a fundraising event to support youth project. At the moment, I am researching various charities in Africa, specifically Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

A: Do you consider yourself a fashionista?

R: To be honest, I don’t consider myself a fashionista because I am not knowledgeable about fashion. I can put things together though (laughs).

A: What do you think of ethnic prints?

R: Recently, ethnic prints have taken a vast stance of the fashion industry. It is well recognised now than it ever was.

A: What are your future plans?

R: My plans for the future are big. I’m a daring person and I look forward to doing big things. I believe that my mind is my only limitation. I dream big, and I think big. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will be doing a hamper campaign similar to the one in my local church. This campaign is about visiting local people in their homes during festive seasons and surprising them with gifts. This would be really touching and amazing for the people (feeling emotional).

Asakeoge & Ruvimbo (Share a moment of hope)

A: Ruvimbo, thanks for honouring this interview and I wish you all the best for the future.

R: Thank you so much, and I will definitely keep in touch.

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