Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Interview with Lily Asante

"Our purpose is to highlight Ghana's rich and cultural heritage"

Who is Lily Asante?
Lily Ama Kwaatema Asante, is a young student of Ghanaian Heritage. Being born and raised in Germany, Hamburg Lily has always been a very big fan of her culture. Whenever she had the chance she would represent her culture in the best of her ability. She moved to London in 2007 and has been living here ever since. Studying Event Management at the University of Bedfordshire Lily has decided to do something to give back to her community. Mr Ghana UK has been founded by Lily Asante together with her friend Elleen Tetteh who is also a young student from London.

What is the main reason for Mr Ghana UK competition?
There has been a great demand for Mr Ghana UK (beauty pageant) in the British Ghanaian community. Miss Ghana UK which has been a succesful event for many years founded by Akwaaba has set the standard for us. The reason why we want to do a Mr Ghana UK is because we want to give young Ghanaian Men the chance to respresent their country just like the young women. Another reason for Mr Ghana UK is to give back to charities in Ghana. Giving young children in Ghana the chance to start up a proper life even without parents. Nothing is impossible and everyone deserves a chance.

What motivated you to this initiative?
Mr Ghana is an annual male beauty pageant with the vision to highlight and acknowldge the talent and beauty within young men of Ghanaian descent, living in the UK. My main motivation came from when I made a visit to Germany/ Hamburg and I heard my cousin Terry Osei has been crowned as Mr Ghana Germany. Its really nice to see young men do something for their culture. It touched me to see how well he was doing and I decided I wanted that for the UK too. I mean its sad enough to see how all these young black boys waste their lifes on the streets. We are better than that and its about time they see that too.

What do we hope to achieve from this event?
The mission of Mr Ghana is to provide entertainment, knowledge and better understanding of the Ghanaian history and to highlight Ghana's rich and cultural heritage, while placing emphasis on Ghanaian attributes both in the UK and abroad. It will also help those young Ghanaian males to stay away from streets and crime; it will encourage them to focus on something more important, Life changing.

What are you looking in for your ideal Mr Ghana UK?
What are we looking for in a Mr Ghana UK? well apart from being of Ghanaian descent (one or both parents), being between 18-25 years and having a knowledge about Ghana, there is nothing else a Mr Ghana UK needs we can't help them learn. There are a few other requirements which will be on the application form but as long as you have the above you stand a good chance.

Describe the process of the event?
The process of the competition will be:

1. Fill in Application form from January 2012
2. If you get through you will be invited to the auditions

3. The 3rd part will then be the finale to which everyone is invited.

     (Date and Venue to be confirmed)
Inbetween those steps there will be acitvities (e.g. charity voluntaring, rehearsals etc. ) in which the contestants will have to take part in. The winner will be crowned as Mr Ghana UK 2012 for a year on the day of the finale. Prices for 1st and 2nd runner up will be handed out on the day too.

On the event day there will be different aspects of the Ghanaian culture the contestants will broadcasts. But thats a surprise for the audience and we don't want to spoil that do we (laughs)
Who are the judges? their credibility?
The judges will be announced on the day the invitations will be send out until then its all * hush hush* but I can say one thing they are well known and will not dissappoint.

Thanks for honouring this interview Lily, and goodluck

Thank you so much.
For info;
Email: mrghanauk@hotmail.com
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