Sunday, 6 November 2011

Best & Worst Dress at BEFFTA Awards 2011

     YOU are welcome to........... BEFFTA 2011
On trend with this black lacy dress. The red shoe and lips makes the outfit so classy. Very well done!

Red is fiery, and so is she. An elegant dress, good idea for matching the sequin element of the dress to the shoe. Well done!

This has to be one of my favourite dresses. Elegant, eye-catchy but at the same time sweet. Love the accessories on the shoulder. Rock the show mama!

Not sure about where you're standing but I must admit, it is a beautiful dress. Very princessy, where is your prince lady?

What can I say, absolutely red carpet material. This dress ticks all the boxes and the colour on her is so hot. Excellent! Check out the shoe!!

This ladies are sisters, how fierce are they? Love the look ladies. I know its black tie, but this lot are there with a theme, which rewrites the rule. Please dump the clutch bag.

This is magical, she looks beautiful and edgy. Love the feather on the shoulder matching the bag, so this trend! Excellent!

Not sure about the pose, but this time its about the dress. Beautiful dress, more effort should have been given to the hair. Overall, its good well done!

This is neither good nor bad. I can tell you, she looks older than her age in this number. It is a beautiful colour that is why she's in this section. But it looks very boring, the dress is crying

Now this is what I call elegance. Beautiful dress with minimal accessories and make-up. Wait something missing, where is your prince charming?
What were you thinking?...Asakeoge will like to have a word with you!
Ok, where should I begin with this one. Hmm, the shoe, if I can call it that, wrong bag and what are those on your shoulders. So wrong on this dress dear....

You have turned up at an award show looking like you were actually going to a club. Seriously! Wrong dress and shoes, will pass for a girls night out.

Alright luv, it is a black tie event not a day at the zoo. Absolutely ridiculous. Cannot actually make out what this is. Can anyone?

Ok, you are such a beautiful girl and you don't deserve messing around with.So, I will get to it. It is awful, painfully awful. Will say this again, a black tie event and not a funky house party. Too much make-up and clevage. It would have worked if the dress was a bit longer.

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  1. I actually like the lady in the Gold cleavage...I mean gold dress =)