Monday, 31 October 2011

Fashion to save lives

Saturday 29th of October marked the Ist ever event by East Africans in Liverpool to raise money for children in East Africa. The event was held at the Frontline Agency in Wavertree, many attended including a representative from the Kenyian High Commision. It was highly impressive to see close connection among Africans and Europeans, which demonstrate an element of togetherness and care for starving children in East Africa.
According to a report by UNICEF (2011), "children and women are the most vulnerable. A total of 6.7 million children in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia need urgent assistance, including almost 320,000 children suffering from life-threatening severe acute malnutrition".

The event was entertaining with a fashion show by headlined by Asakeoge, and other cultural designs, there was music, bollywood dance, African drums, food and drinks. Check out some pictures taken at the event:

 Laughing, chatting... just trying to ease the nerves. Ladies in Asakeoge outfits expect the pink sequine dress.
Ok i'm a little bit nervous, anything for that?

The ladies backstage before the show

On stage after the show

This young lady is a supermodel in the making, yes I said it!

Asakeoge was chosen to auction at the event after the fashion show. Impressive, a chance for people to see the designs again

This two ladies are wearing outfits by Asakeoge

Fitting in one of Asakeoge's couture backstage before the show

Marian turn heads in this ethnic skirt and top by Asakeoge

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