Monday, 24 October 2011

Asakeoge BEFFTA Dresses

BEFFTA Awards is a global brand which includes BEFFTA TV. The award took place on Saturday 22nd October at The Lighthouse in London. This award is a distinctly special ceremony recognising and honouring the best showbiz and entertainment personalities in the black and ethnic communities in the UK and internationally. BEFFTA Awards is the first of its kind rewarding outstanding achievements and contributions from Africans, Caribbeans and Asians in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts. This award was founded by Pauline Long, also aims to inspire black and ethnic personalities worldwide to achieve at the highest levels.

Asakeoge was well represented at the award ceremony. What we find important on the night was the diverse fashion styles, some were a disaster. However, we do need your views on this.

Have you ever been indecisive on what to wear? I think that would be most of us. But, have you decided to make a dress for yourselve because you couldn't find something suitable for an occassion or event? Well, that would be Asake Agoro, creative director of Asakeoge. Asake made this Bella Rouge dress specially for the BEFFTA Awards. She team this outfit with a gold-sequine heels complimenting the sequine top of the dress and minimal accessories, amazing!

Right: Asakeoge top client, Liz Yemoja in Asakeoge dress. Liz looks demure in this dress. The dress displays her figure without creating unnecessary invitation. Black lacy dress is so this season and Liz has upped her game with this number. Stunning!

Left: Asakeoge PR, Sally in one of Asakeoge's Iconic dress at the BEFFTA Awards red carpet.  

Left: Fatima Jabbe, actress from The Mirror Boy in a White lacy dress by Asakeoge.

Congratulations to Fatima Jabbe and Liz Yemoja for winning at the BEFFTA Awards 2011.We wish you all the best!

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