Saturday, 15 October 2011

Creating art through fashion

So, summer is finally over! What has been the highlights of this year's fashion? Well, if we begin to list the trends, we might end-up writing a book. Instead, we have decided to create themes using Asakeoge's S/S11 collections.

This dress is beautiful and classy. We couldn't think of a better way to create this, the 60s springs to mind, reinventing the 60s in a good-old English style. Very Tweegy!

Left: The Creative director, Asake Agoro showcasing some of her designs on BEFFTA TV. We have decided to create this image using a contemporary fashion art form.
Right: Asakeoge in the media, but we have themed this using a tailored blazer and trousers to give it a Victoria Beckham egde!

Freshers Week is a massive hit in the UK. This is the only time students get 20% off high-street brands. So, we have decided to create this theme for all Asakeoge's freshers. One word, fashion-forward!

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